Last Day of Amazon sale: Up to 70% off

I believe Amazon is better placed to win the E-commerce battle! Products are really cheap in, almost 40 to 70 % discounted price in comparison with other big giants like Flipkart and Snapdeal etc.  You can also shop Great Indian Sale Deals with Amazon pay, Amazon prime programs to get the extra benefits. Happy shopping. 

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In the long run, I believe the e-retail industry will resemble an oligopoly with Amazon and Flipkart emerging as the two strong players. Whoever can differentiate their services the most and thereby create brand loyalty, will be the winner.

First, its customer service is celebrated and people are more certain of replacements and after sales services when they buy from Amazon. Amazon operates guided by its well-known vision of being earth’s most customer centric company. The importance of exceptional customer service can not be understated for an industry that is disrupting a $ 600 billion offline retail industry that has existed since time immemorial. New customers hesitate and are always suspicious of the quality of product, warranties, replacements, misfit sizes and refunds. Amazon has been successful in placating anxious customers well.

Second, Flipkart lacks innovation. Not only was the entire idea of Flipkart a blatant imitation of Amazon by the Bansals who were former employees at Amazon, but also things like Flipkart First, bookseller turned all-purpose retailer, pseudo-inventory based model (see the next post for details) etc have been borrowed from Amazon. Innovation and disruption are ultimately what leads to success for a company in the long run. And between Amazon and Flipkart, I will definitely place my money on Amazon- also the one with the greater experience.

Third, sellers like Amazon over Flipkart. Flipkart competes with all other sellers through WS Retail. Though, Flipkart officially does not own WS Retail anymore, it is often alleged that has circumvented the law to show separate ownership of WS Retail (I’ll talk about this is in a future post)

Fourth, Amazon is partnering up strategically. Recently it partnered with the Future Group. “Under the partnership, Future Group’s current portfolio of over 40 brands will be retailed exclusively online through the platform, the companies said in a statement.” as per a Reuters report. Though this is not to say that the others aren’t doing the same, but Amazon has really hit iron where it is the hottest with its partnership with Future Group (yeah, I just made up an idiom).

Fifth, CASH. Amazon has much more cash to burn than Flipkart. Moreover, Amazon has always been willing to postpone short term gains for long term growth: Did you know Amazon has never posted a profit in all the years that it has been in business? It is not because Amazon is not profitable, it is because it ploughs back almost all of its earnings continuously into expansion and growth. On the other hand, Flipkart survives on VC money who eventually would want an exit-option to cash in their investment. Brand loyalty and differentiation are the ultimate panaceas of e-commerce as I had noted earlier. But the ability to invest into more products, acquire smaller players, adopt new technologies and big data analytics and so on needs sustained cash outflows atleast in teh short term