How to harvest mushrooms in easy steps

These mushrooms are the types most commonly grown at home:

  • Crimini
  • Enoki
  • Maitake
  • Portobello
  • Oyster
  • Shiitake
  • White button

Each type has specific growing needs. For example, white button mushrooms need to be grown on composted manure, shiitakes on wood or hardwood sawdust, and oyster mushrooms on straw.

  1. The very first and most important rule is: Keep everything clean, always! Work sterile, so that no mold can contaminate your magic mushroom grow environment.
  2.  Better wash and clean your utilities twice.
  3. Always make the air on your workspace as sterile as possible with your Bunsen burner flame.
  4.  Never open something in any state of the growing process when it is dusty, for example you cleaned some old books and some dust is still flying in the air. Better wait for the next day.
  5. Never use contaminated mushrooms; they require an environment that is also the favorite from unwanted mushrooms and also a lot of bacteria. Very often these are poisonous and can lead to serious adverse health effects.
  6. If something was contaminated, do not worry; that can happen from time to time, just throw your magic mushrooms away. It doesn´t cost much money, the psychedelic mushrooms re-grow very fast and the time you invested is quite minimal.
  7. Just before your mushroom caps are fully uncurled, that’s when it’s time to harvest. To do so, twist the stem off as near to the growing block as you are able to. You’ve now harvested your mushrooms.