Safe Motherhood and Child Survival(SMCS)


Significant changes have occurred due to various programs on maternal health being held in different parts of the country which has led to a 40% reduction in infant and maternal mortality rates, a 50% increase in safe deliveries, a 40% increase in immunization, as well as a 45% increase in antenatal and postnatal care. 

While in 2000, India spent $1.4 billion a year on counseling mothers on healthy eating and supplementing meals, that figure has now tripled. The result has been positive but more needs to be done. Educating girls educates the entire family, and helps deliver cost effective interventions to address treatment, care and prevention of diseases, and preventable deaths amongst infants, adolescent girls and women of child-bearing age.


In REDS's SMCS programme

  1. The objective of SMCS programme is to empower particularly those from the marginalized castes and tribes to address the health and needs of their children and their communities .
  2. The mothers participated in small group health education seasons to learn about improved child care participates related to antenatal care breast feeding appropriate weaning practices , immunization and hygiene / sanitation .
  3. One important component of this programme is to train community members such as village health workers , traditional midwives and rural medical practitioners to promote key child survival messages . 

The key areas that were focused are:-

  • Services to promote safe motherhood
  • Services to promote child survival
  • Nutritional services to vulnerable groups
  • Prevention and management of unwanted pregnancy
  • Promotion of exclusive breast feeding for first six month
  • Immunization to children up to 83%